Description of Fazeta Sans

Fazeta Sans is a perfect companion to serif typeface Fazeta. Two light weights were added, so the complete typeface consist of 14 fonts (7 weights + matching italics). The fine gradation lets you choose perfect weight for any type of project. Every font have 1140 glyphs – just like the serif version and contains the same features, so use and combining of whole typeface is very comfortable. Also fixed kerning allows better comfort for eyes by reading and shortens the length of the text. I tried to preserve sharp and cold impression from serif version, but some straight lines had to be curved due to the natural limitation of sans typefaces (for example the upper arch of “f” is shaped more smooth). However it keeps extremely open form. A little playfulness was left at the end of letters “k, K, and R”, but if you want, this can be eliminated by using a rigorous SS01 feature. Serifs were here transformed into a small yaw from main stroke and so enlive the monotony of sans kind of types. Also slight cutting the top of the letters helping to surprisingly vivid final impression. Fazeta Sans is therefore suitable for wide range of type sizes – from small marginalies to huge poster sizes.


  • 14 styles (7 weights + italics)
  • 1 140 glyphs per font
  • alternative glyphs for traditional feeling
  • 6 facetted borders
  • 84 discretionary ligatures
  • support of latin languages


  • Fazeta Sans full typeface (14 fonts) - 169,99 €
  • Fazeta Sans single font - 23,99 €


X-height is relative small - longer ascenders and descenders give into typeface an elegant impression.

Comparison with older sister (Fazeta Text Regular).

Stylistic set 01 (ss01) add serifs and more traditional feeling.

Set of discretionary ligatures. These certainly make your text special.

Discretionary ligatures in action.

Standard ligatures in ss01.

Arrows for upper and lowercase.

The principle of narrowing the right side of the letters was retained from serif version.