Description of Densit

Densit is a display mega black typeface, contains 6 styles. Goal was to make a maximum weight as possible on minimum place - so ultimate density. Glyphs therefore balances on slim border of touch. Typeface is designed for expressive and short texts at big sizes and is suitable for photography or other visual materials underlaying. 3 basic styles parodies ordinary type styles. They are each other differented only with lenght of straight thin lines. Stencil style without these lines is intended especially for spray stencils, sans style imitated linear sans types and serif style have stronger contrast and indicated serifs. Typeface contains many special ligatures for playing with aesthetic qualities of text and maximum space saving. Very short terminals offer compact setting of multi-lines captions. Densit employs for music posters, eye-catching headlines of art articles and all about where is possible graphic impression from legibility prefered.


  • 6 styles (2 alternatives, 3 kinds)
  • 12 OT features
  • sophisticated system of ligatures
  • support of latin languages


  • Densit complete typeface (6 fonts) - 72,99 €
  • Densit Full (3 fonts) - 47,99 €
  • Densit Air (3 fonts) - 47,99 €
  • Densit single font - 23,99 €

6 different styles with 1 common silhouette. Whole typeface is maximal compact but thanks to fluent and unlatticed shapes of glyphs seems typeface to not condensed.

Same space between glyphs and inside glyphs gives rhytm to the text and joined words to compact units.

Speciality of Densit is an refined system of 751 discretionary ligatures. These works with diacritics too.

Densit contains 34 special forms for members and frequently used short words in various languages. They are activated by ss01 feature.

System of 3 lines on what are inside points gripped enables easy joining of the glyphs to ligatures. For better space filling and massiveness have round letters squarish shapes.

By two ascenders side by side is the first shortened to precisely match with the second. This feature works automatically.