Description of Akceler

Many sport publications missed a typefaces designed especially for sport communication conditions. We usually see only mechanically slanted or other synthetically destroyed standard typefaces. I want accordly fill this space and create system of fonts, that will be used primary in sport. It is usable for many prints - logotypes, magazines, catalogues, posters etc. Elasticity of glyphs reflected an adrenalinous shapes of latest bikeframes, skies or sportcars. Maximum open arches guaranteed good readability in very small sizes and prevented interchanges of glyphs „o, c, e“ per poor reading conditions. Softness of lowercase is at uppercase balanced in bottom arches, that are subtly kicked-up. Numerals are an important component of sport communication, so here have they expressive design, different from numerals of book typefaces. Every font have 10 kinds of numerals. Character case contains over 1000 glyphs, sport icons and othes signs creating the sport feeling. Title „Akceler“ represent acceleration, which is characteristic attribute of this typeface.


  • 24 styles (2 alternatives, 3 grades of dynamics, 4 weights)
  • over 1 000 glyphs per font
  • 10 kinds of numerals
  • icons of sport equipment
  • 8 stylistic sets
  • 8 kinds of arrows
  • 23 OT features
  • support of latin languages


  • Akceler full typeface (24 fonts) - 272,99 €
  • Akceler text (12 fonts) - 166,99 €
  • Akceler alt (12 fonts) - 166,99 €
  • Akceler A (4 fonts) - 75,99 €
  • Akceler B (4 fonts) - 75,99 €
  • Akceler C (4 fonts) - 75,99 €
  • Akceler A alt (4 fonts) - 75,99 €
  • Akceler B alt (4 fonts) - 75,99 €
  • Akceler C alt (4 fonts) -75,99 €
  • Akceler single font - 33,99 €


The type system have 3 grades of dynamics - roman, italic and extra italic (Akceler A, Akceler B and Akceler C). Italics contains shape differences, they are naturally narrowed and joining of arches gradually fall down for dramatic and faster impression. Typeface have 2 versions from every this form - text and alternative.

Height of uppercase is noticeably reduced - this is useful for setting with many fornames and surnames and makes a place for diacritics. Diacritical signs of uppercase are slightly bigger and depressed. Every font including original small caps.

Optical curiosity - by big measure of slant and very light style of font must be glyphs optically corrected, so as deformations in some places not arised. On below picture are glyphs from “Akceler C light” returned into upright position.

Akceler contains latin numerals differentiated from capitals with serifs.

4 kinds of arrows for lowercase and uppercase. Akceler alt have of course all arrows rounded

Icons of sport equipment and medals.