Public Defender of Rights

Unrealized competition proposal for corporate identity.

Additional graphic elements are vector curves, creating various symbols from the legal environment. They can be worked freely - can be used as a fine background or photo cut, can be cropped or enlarged at the discretion of the application. They can be grouped differently into "wallpaper", creating new meanings and compositions. Curves create an atmosphere of a kind of freedom or liveliness. It is also possible to easily create additional symbols according to the actual need.

Selected typeface Domaine appropriately complements the rotation of curves from logotype. It contains a wide range of weights, as well as two optical variants, so you can find optimal font for every occasion and every text size.

The basic color is blue, which is associated with seriousness and reliability. The text color is 75% black to complement the dominant blue more sensitively. These two colors can also be combined in various ways and overlap discretion.

• “o” as Ombudsman (ochranca)

• constantly watchful eye

• protective shield

• a way out of a complex situation