Some time ago I was with my friends wondered how they could be represented in written language speech defects. I considered it an interesting idea, so I call for this Christmas 2014 began to work. I focused on the most common disorders - sigmatism (cacology of sibilants) and rotacism (cacology of letter "r"). Altogether, therefore, it is the sounds "srzc" + their diacritical variants. So it must be for them to invent new shapes. It was clear, that it should be not too different from the established forms and should remind the sound. I found that the easiest way to do this is through the reinstatement of the historical shapes of letters in the alphabet (eg. bad sibilance pronunciation "s" sound is most similar to the "f" - the once "s" really wrote it as a "f" without crossbar). A similar principle hybrid "S / F" I tried to apply, even by capitals. "r" again uses no written form and in the "z" I kept archaic crossbar. "c" had to be resolved completely all over again, because this letter have not any historical analogy. Here I only modified the lower part, which is at serif typefaces ended by serif or truncated in a row at sans typefaces. I tested it on Arial and Times offered here for free download. This principle could be applied to any other print typeface. Of course, leisure invent a word that contains as many of these speech defects ... :)