the Benefits of a Unique Font

Every piece of information you want to share with the world should have its own visual form. A unique custom-made font has several advantages. Which are they and why should you also dedicate a unique font to your brand?

Supporting the atmosphere of the text
Each piece of information has a certain atmosphere or mood thanks to the words used. To support the atmosphere of communicated information, it is important to choose the right font and its styles or parameters. Judge for yourself how the following picture communicates with you?
The same tool (brush pen), the same text, but a completely different tone

Common font is viewable
A common font, such as you can find in the communication of hundreds or thousands of other brands, is easy to overlook. Because you see it around every corner, your eyes and mind take it for granted and don’t need to stop for a long time to analyze what they see. A unique font will add character, specificity and difference to every communication you send out into the world.

The unique font looks exclusive and attracts attention with its specific details
If you give your brand something “tailor-made”, the customer will feel exclusivity, uniqueness and your effort to build a strong brand worth supporting from the visual identity. Just as your brand, tone of voice, message, color... can be unique, so can your font.

A unique brand language will emerge
As I already mentioned in the paragraph above – the font that no one else has will be yours only. It will only belong to your brand, your identity and communicate only your contents. This creates an absolutely harmonious combination of all visual elements that the customer will automatically associate with your brand. Of course, the font is copyrighted, so you don’t have to worry that someone will “steal” your custom font.