Ligature of Art & Design or Why typography?

Typography is (perhaps less familiar to some) a part of visual design. It deals with writing, its shapes and, not only what, but mainly how writing communicates.

I have been working on type design since 2007, for 14 long years, since my studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Although I started relatively “unplanned”, the love for it was and is strong from the first moment. During that time, I learned and understood a lot about how typeface works and how it doesn’t, why it is important, how much it can affect the final look of the communication message and the overall atmosphere of the visual.

Why should you be interested in typography?

The font is an integral part of the communication of every single brand. Through writing, we communicate those things that we do not know or are unable to say out loud at the moment, or we simply want to communicate them in written form. Font is not just text, font can be a powerful graphic element that complements communication through its shape, size, and composition. As you may know, the human mind perceives many things subconsciously, and this is also the case with visual art. Think, for example, of brands like Coca-Cola or Google. What do you see? You can see letterings that perfectly supports what these brands offer. Coca-Cola – the traditional taste of America, which remains the same throughout the ages + swashes, supporting the feeling of freedom and Google – technologies that are supposed to make our world more colorful and beautiful, and all this is wrapped in a serious sans font.

Each font is unique, just like each of us

Every person has a unique personality and so it is with a brand. Brands are like personalities created by visual and communication identity. The need to stand out is natural, and the font is like one piece in the brand puzzle that helps you do that. Shape, size, styles, various stylistic adjustments – thanks to this, the brand will stand out from the others with its own customized font. Although “custom font” is not yet as widespread as, for example, “custom logo or brand color”, the world's most famous brands have their own fonts and they know why.

Modification of the Engravers font according to the specific needs of the brand

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